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Cleaning Windows With Vinegar And Newspaper : Carpet Cleaning Steam Vs Dry.

Cleaning Windows With Vinegar And Newspaper

cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper

    cleaning windows
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"When I'm Cleaning Windows..."

"When I'm Cleaning Windows..."

Window cleaners came today wearing "romper suits". Polished outdoors windows standing a scissor lift. They had a bit of fun too - drawing a spruce and a face in the snow.

Taken out of a window on the second floor at work. Temperature minus 2C (about 28F).

Clean Windows!

Clean Windows!

Here are clean windows and reflections in downtown Toronto. (To be honest, I hadn't noticed the window cleaners until I followed the faint, annoying, vertical, white lines to the bottom of the photo. The faint, annoying, vertical, white lines are clearer in large. :-) )

cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper

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