Cleaning Windows With Vinegar And Newspaper : Carpet Cleaning Steam Vs Dry.

Cleaning Windows With Vinegar And Newspaper

cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper

    cleaning windows
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"When I'm Cleaning Windows..."

"When I'm Cleaning Windows..."

Window cleaners came today wearing "romper suits". Polished outdoors windows standing a scissor lift. They had a bit of fun too - drawing a spruce and a face in the snow.

Taken out of a window on the second floor at work. Temperature minus 2C (about 28F).

Clean Windows!

Clean Windows!

Here are clean windows and reflections in downtown Toronto. (To be honest, I hadn't noticed the window cleaners until I followed the faint, annoying, vertical, white lines to the bottom of the photo. The faint, annoying, vertical, white lines are clearer in large. :-) )

cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper

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How to clean stainless steel kettle. Buy a dry cleaning business

How To Clean Stainless Steel Kettle

how to clean stainless steel kettle

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how to clean stainless steel kettle - Better Chef

Better Chef 149S Cordless Electric Kettle, Stainless

Better Chef 149S Cordless Electric Kettle, Stainless

The Better Chef Cordless Electric Kettle features a stylish polished heavy gauge stainless steel chassis. The patented concealed KSL heating element uses 1500-watts of power to bring 7 cups of water to a full boil faster than a microwave or induction stove, shuts off letting you know it's ready and prevents dry boils. A removable particle filter located at the non-drip spout keeps away unwanted debris from entering your cup while the large side windows help monitor the water level inside. Convenience features such as a durable flip-back locking lid allow easy single handed operation and a long life span. Most of the industrial grade 3-prong 3-foot power cord wraps underneath the base for easy storage. Includes tri-lingual operating instructions, ETL and C-ETL certifications. ONE-YEAR hassle free warranty.

78% (5)

Kettle Point sunset

Kettle Point sunset

Kettle Point is famous for it's concretions. The concretions are known as Kettles (so named because they look like upside down kettles) and are found in shale along the shore of Lake Huron at Kettle Point. The Kettles were formed while the mud which formed them was still soft. Bacteria in the mud caused sulphate reduction and the precipitation of concretions. The crystals formed in a radiating pattern, from the centre out, creating a ball. These can range in size from 30cms to 1.5 metres across.
I took a picture of a couple of these kettles, but it was low light and without my tripod they didn't turn out too well. I will retake them another time and post.

The PID'ed Kettle

The PID'ed Kettle

Well the kettle is unchanged apart from a thermocouple dangling in its waters.

how to clean stainless steel kettle

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